Fobus Holster APN365 for Sig P365

Fobus Holster APN365 for Sig P365

Fobus Holster LaserTuck For Sig P938 & P365 with Trigger Guard Laser such as TLR6.

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About the Holster

LaserTuck is designed for carrying multiple sub-compact single-stack pistols with trigger guard lasers installed - inside your waistband. The holster is built from a flexible back that buffers between pistol & body; a non-collapsing shell that covers the pistol; two belt clips to position the holster at waistband height, with three height positions each, to allow cant adjustment; it has an internal spring for stabilizing the pistol in the holster, and an adjustable stopper to control how deep the pistol sits inside the holster.


The holster is lightweight, fully tuckable, completely washable, ventilated, highly durable, it is contoured for maximum comfort, and divides the pistol weight over a relatively broad area making it extremely convenient for every day concealed carry. 


How to use

Place the holster inside the pants, so that the holster shell is at the same height as your waistband. You may need to completely loosen your belt to do this. Make sure that both holster clips are gripping your belt from the outside, with their lower hooks inserted below the belt. You may move the holster forward and back to find the most convenient position on your waist.


Tighten your belt to a point where you can feel retention when holstering, but the pistol can still be holstered without hitting the holster shell. Important: LaserTuck is a holster designed to accommodate various sub-compact single-stack pistols. It is not designed for a specific pistol but for multiple pistols, and does not have a standard passive retention mechanism holding the pistol. Retention is achieved by pressure of the belt on the holster when on your body; therefore, please refrain from inverting the holster when not on you. Your pistol will fall out.


Technical Information

Holster Material - mold injected Polymers. IWB with surface retention - retention is achieved by the holster firmly gripping the pistol between belt tension on the holster shell on one side, and the flexible holster backing made with mild non-slip surface on the opposite side.

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