16" Barrel for Glock Gen 3, 4 & 5 Austrian Made

Match Grade Polygonal 16" Threaded Barrel For 9x19, 9x21, 9x25 And .357 Sig Caliber

Converts your Standart G2-9 RONI into a NON NFA regulated item

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IGB 16"

16" Barrel for Glock Gen 3, 4 & 5 Austrian Made

Match Grade Polygonal 16" Threaded Barrel For 9x19, 9x21, 9x25 And .357 Sig Caliber

Ships from within the USA SEPARATELY from the RONI / Micro RONI
Compatibility: RONI G2-9 - Perfect fit.
Micro RONI - Will only fit the Gen 3 version.

Technical Features

2 different barrel types are available:

  • The IGB16"-34 version would fit the Glock 17/19 3rd and 4th Generation
  • IGB16"-5 version would fit the Glock 17/19 5th Generation
Material: European High Gradel Barrel Steel
Finish: Plasmanitration
Surface color: very dark grey to black
Inner Profile: IGB Polygonal Profile
Length: 16″ (406 mm)
Caliber: 9×19, 9×21, 9×25 & .357 SIG
Thread @ Muzzle None
Ammunition No restriction, but factory ammo recommended
Semi-auto function: Engineered for use with a stock system!
Twist Rate 1:10 Inch
Quality IGB Barrels are all Match Grade

Key Features:

  • Cold Forged Steel: Unsurpassed density: The special IGB Austria rifling is produced by forcing the tool through the barrel under tons of pressure. The result is precise, mirror polished barrels with great strength and durability.
  • Quality: IGB Austria barrels are machined on specially designed machines optimized for pistol barrel production to ensure the best quality.
  • Warranty: 50.000 rounds or 5 years for use of factory loaded ammunition according to C.I.P or SAAMI standards are unmatched on the world market.
  • Plasma Hardening: There is no better way. Diamond hard smooth surfaces without the known weaknesses of tenifer process (loss of material flakes on inner surfaces).
  • Quality Assurance: Each and ever IGB Austria barrel is checked for dimensions, function, and accuracy before leaving the factory.
  • All IGB products are “drop-in”, easy to install by experienced users. No gunsmith or permanent changes required!
  • Compatible with Reloader Ammo!

How to Use:

Field strip your gun – follow gun manufacturers manual!
Step 1: Replace your barrel with the IGB barrel
Step 2Reassemble the gun
Step 3Attach your stock system

Shipping & Warranty:

Warranty Satisfaction Guarantee. Factory ammo and proper stock system required.
Shipping From our warehouse in the US.
Shipping Costs
Average Delivery Time 1-5 Business days if in stock in the warehouse in Las Vegas, otherwise up to 7 weeks if sent from Europe.

IGB Austria – Barrel Technology manufactures barrels for almost every Glock Model and Glock Generation on the civilian market – i.e. match barrels, caliberchange barrels, threaded barrels and extended barrels to customers specifiction.

The parameters of a barrel to be hard/viscouse and flexible are not exempting each other, but are combined in IGB Austrias Barrel Production.

IGB Austria forces the tool through the barrel with tons of pressure. The result is a precise, mirror polished barrel with great vibration characteristic and durability.

The Impulse System was developped to equip pistols, which dispose of a Browning type lock up (i.e. Glock, Colt, CZ ) with barrels up to 42 cm (16″) length.

The optical impression is similar to a sound suppression device. The IGB shroud, due to its open construction, does not supress the sound, nor can it be altered to do so. The IGB shroud protects the barrel or the shooters hand against burns.
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