Brown Dafna KIPI Slippers

Brown Dafna KIPI Slippers

Gray Dafna KIPI Slippers

These shoes will keep you warm and comfortable throughout the year.
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Gray Dafna KIPI Slippers

A vintage 1970's model reproduction, this classic Israeli “naal bayit” is far more a shoe for the home than a slip-on slipper.

These super cool plaid slipper-shoes are perfect for indoors and out.

Known in Israel as a "KIPI" Shoe (after the character Kipi of Rehov Sumsum ( A "Sesame Street" program produced for the Israeli market) wearing GIANT Dafna Footwear house slippers;

This shoes will provide you with the look and feel of: I'm just slumming here at the café and didn't notice I had my bedroom slippers on" way of life...

Available in:

  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Brown

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